Mystics are De Rigueur

Hello, This is the Roseflame Mystic Strophe Site for  comments, suggestions etc.. We are looking contributors and moderators. Keep in mind this is a ground zero opportunity and does not offer monetary benefits. However if you like to assist people with mysticism then you may want to contribute.

If you do then subscribe as a subscriber and email us @ and we will consider your desired position as contributor or moderator/editor. Moderators must be fluent in the English language and have some background in Mysticism of some consequence.

If you have your own site and still would like a participating role, you will be allowed some links in your signatures to your contributions as long as they lead to a spam-less environment. Spam will have zero tolerance on this site and will be summarily disposed of in the most vigorous mannerism, along with the offenders account.  Please check back for further details on the exact policies as this site develops.



Rosflame Administration