Soothsaying Tarot and the Mantegna Revealed

Original Tarot Illustrations
Soothsaying Tarot and the Mantegna Revealed Book Cover

What is Soothsaying Tarot and the Mantegna Revealed? It is a publication about the Tarot. This eBook contains simple but original illustrations of the Tarot deck. It includes an explanation on how spreads are constructed and how one can construct their own spreads giving the reader a solid mechanics on the key elements in any spread. It walks you through how dismantle some of the most difficult spreads by simply relating confusing positions to a “Past, Present and Future” Methodology. On top of original meanings to the regular Tarot, it also contains meanings for all the Mantegna Tarocchi (50 cards) which makes it possible to read fortunes using this ancient and mysterious deck. A necessary book for the beginner and a great asset to any seasoned reader. Click here to purchase!

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